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You might have heard from people about forex trading. Most of the time people tell you it is a scam and you will make a huge mistake by investing in forex market. Out of 100 forex, only 5 will be happy with their investments and will be making hundreds of dollars every month. Other 95 people will be just warning people about investing into online trading like forex, because they have had bad experience. The truth is, forex trading is not a scam or hoax. It is just a complicated system which requires complete understanding and knowledge. You need proper training and assistance if you want to invest in online trading. Financika can provide you answers to all your questions about forex and online trading.


You must be thinking what is financika? Financika is one of the world’s leading financial solutions provider which deals with online trading. Financika is based in Nigeria and it is owned by sharp trading Ltd. Financika Nigeria has become quite famous among the online traders and it has spread to several countries of world within few years. It has now more than 100 offices in different regions of world and millions of customers.


Financika trading platform provides trading opportunity in three trading platforms – PROFIT, Web PROFIT and the MetaTrader4 platform. The investors can choose any platform as long as they are comfortable with them. Each customer can create a single account with an initial investment of $200. Financika offer a leverage of 1:200. The initial investment amount is very fair if you compare it with competitors’ investment that allow $100. Financika offers investment in forex and CFD with single account and you are not allowed to have financika demo account. Each customer is treated equally and there is no discrimination about the initial investments.

Traders can make direct deposits into financika accounts through their credit cards or bank accounts. For investment withdrawal, you can simply email to financika through our email platform, which is exclusively available for customer service.


You must have different questions in mind, is financika legit? Or is financika a scam? You can get answers to your questions if you take a look at financika website where you can check financika testimonials and financika review from hundreds of our successful customers. Our customers are 100% satisfied with our guidelines and they have already made thousands of dollars by following our easy investment methods. We have successfully educated thousands of people by providing them with informative and valuable trading techniques. You can also find video tutorials to get a better idea about the online trading market.

Answering Questions

Financika is a responsible and leading online trading platform. We are obliged to answer all the questions asked by our valuable customers. If you have valuable opinions and suggestions, then you can write your suggestions in financika opinions section. If you have complains about any of our company’s policies or persons, then financika complaints team will be more than happy to write your complains and take necessary action. You will get risk management tools such as Take Profit and Stop Loss Order which are available for all financika traders.

Financika App

If you want to stay updated about the trading market, then you can download financika app which is available on android and apple store. You can get more information and get started with investment through both the website and mobile app. Financika app is available in Nigeria and other regions of world as well.

Starting the free trial will be your first step towards making a smart investment in online trading market.

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