launches India’s Best Stock Market Brokerage Calculator

The main goal of any trader while doing trading is to attain maximum profit. Various factors are taken into consideration by a trader to maximise his profit. In order to do so, he studies factors like purchase, sale, expense, etc and try to minimise his expenses in order to maximise his profit. Similarly, in the business of stock market, an investors goals to maximise his profit by lowering the brokerage costs., the best stock broker portal of India has launched brokerage calculator for the reducing the head ache of investors in manually calculating their profit. Profit earned can be calculated with the help of brokerage calculator that gives the brief report of expenditure and profit by considering the prices at which the stock was bought and sold and the number of stocks involved in the transaction and the state in which account holder holds the account.

Before diving deep in the use of brokerage calculator, let us first analyse why brokerage calculator is of great significance for a trader. Brokerage calculator not only allows the trader to compute his profit, but also allows him to minimise the cost by studying various factors and maximise his net profit. The most unique feature provided by brokerage calculator is that it allows you(as a trader) to compare brokerage rates of various brokers and lets you analyse rates of which broker are best suitable for your trade. To perform trading, one needs to have a trading/DEMAT account. Thus, if you have DEMAT account associated with multiple brokers, you can compare which broker charges you less for the same transaction. Thus, the brokerage calculator helps to evaluate the best suitable broker for you. Brokerage calculator proves to be a useful tool for having the idea of the cost taxable which is helpful to decide whether the transaction will have certain amount of expected profit. It is also useful for purpose of planning. The brokerage calculator is useful for the purpose of computation of brokerage, SEBI turnover fee, transaction charges, stamp duty, security transaction tax and GST. Note that the stamp duty differs from state to state and hence this is taken as input field in brokerage calculator.

The brokerage calculator provided by the best stock broker website lets you to calculate the Total Turnover, Brokerage, STT, SEBI Turnover fees, Stamp duty, transaction charges, GST, Total brokerage and Tax and Total Profit or Loss by taking appropriate values of number of stocks, their buy price, selling price and state in which the account holder holds the account.

Since, every Stock broker has their own rates, the brokerage rates for the same transaction vary from broker to broker. There are many brokers available in the stock market and the most renown names include Zerodha, ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Angel Broking, IIFL, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, HDFC Securities, Religare Securities, Axis Direct, IDBI Direct, SBI Securities, Anand Rathi, 5Paisa, SMC Global, Ventura Security, Bonaza, Wisdom Capital, TradingBells, MDirect, TradeJini, Upstox and a few more. has launched a brokerage calculator that lets you to calculate various aspects along with the total turnover. It lets you calculate brokerage for all asset classes like Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, currentcy Options and Commodity. You can calculate your brokerage charges for various brokers. You can try the Zerodha Brokerage Calculator if your broker is ‘Zerodha’ or you can choose your broker from the options given, give necessary inputs and calculate your brokerage costs.

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